Beatrice Petrini Yoga Teacher 


Beatrice is a passionate and warm Italian with a love for life, conscious living, and good healthy food.

Her interests vary between outdoor activities and sports, visual arts, and photography, where she is on a constant search for beauty, equilibrium, and truth.

She moved to Cape Town in 2011, which is when she began to approach the practice of yoga, moving through different styles as she developed her practice and built her experience.

Beatrice has been teaching vinyasa yoga full time since 2015.

She has been refining her practice and understanding of this ancient discipline through workshops and advanced teacher training modules with many national and international teachers, such as Tamsin Sheehy, Mariah Betts,  Ana Forrest, Shimon Ben Avi, and more.

In the last few years, Beatrice connected deeply with Forrest yoga so much so that she attended and completed the first module of  Forrest Yoga Teacher Training in November 2017. The style and discipline acquired through this yoga technique have had a great influence on Beatrice's personal practice and way of teaching. 

The focus she proposes during practice and the sequences is on alignment and the continuous flow of body, breath, mind and spirit with the purpose of finding new connections and comfort through effortlessness in every asana and in oneself. 

Beatrice's intent is to explore the journey that is the practice of asanas with awareness, curiosity, and freedom through the body by integrating those aspects and experiences that unravel within ourselves onto our mats, into our lives.








Beatrice is an exceptional teacher, friend, student and person. 

With many years of dedicated practice and learning, Beatrice always makes her student's safety her priority. Not only does she make sure that every student is seen and kept safe, but her adjustment techniques are enough to make anyone feel great! 

Beatrice is extremely disciplined and loyal and has been the most dependable teacher I have worked with. Her word is her word and she always shows up 100% prepared for whatever the occasion. 

I can highly recommend Beatrice for private sessions as she has a unique way of connecting and making sure you are comfortable. She has a vast knowledge from many different modalities and this is one of the qualities that makes her an amazing practitioner and teacher. 

Kathleen Booyse, Studio Manager, Teacher, the Shala 

I've had the pleasure of attending many hours of group classes with Bea, as well as private classes and workshops. She's guided me through yoga asana, yoga Nidra and singing bowl meditation. Her teaching is creative, delicious to practice and has a focus on detail and safe alignment. Bea has a gift for physical adjustments! She is warm, funny and goes the extra mile for her students.


Nicole Wiese, Student 



Bea has been incredibly patient and supportive of my practice. Her knowledge, sequencing, adjustments, and teaching make every class a stong and nurturing space. She has a beautiful authenticity in the work she does. 

Pam Hoffman, Student 

Its been so wonderful to have Bea's mindful teaching and her infectious laugh in the studio and we will really miss her, both as a teacher and as a friend.

Melissa Brake , Studio Owner , Yogaway.



Via Antonio Chinotto 1 , Roma


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