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The classes I offer online and in-studio are Forrest Inspired Vinyasa. 

Intelligently sequenced practices, with variations and opportunities for all levels and all bodies.

The focus I propose during practice is on Embodyment,  Forrest Yoga alignment, and the continuous flow of body, breath, mind, and spirit.

Inspired by the drumming of the heart, the melody of breath, the dance of body, mind, and Spirit, my purpose is to hold space, for you to find new connections and comfort through effortlessness in every asana and oneself. 

By exploring the practice of asanas with awareness, curiosity, and freedom, we can integrate those aspects and experiences that unravel within ourselves onto our mats, into our lives.



I am a passionate and warm Italian with a love for life, Visual Arts, and Yoga, the embodiment of Art! 

I am a foodie, photographer, videographer, traveler with a passion for outdoor activities, horse riding, surfing, and all things soul and nature, on a constant search for beauty, equilibrium, and truth.


My background in contemporary dance inspired me to continue researching organic mindful movement, so when I was living in Cape Town in 2011 I began to approach the practice of yoga, exploring different disciplines and styles, as I developed my practice and built my experience.

There is so much value in looking at something from different perspectives, through many lenses! 


I have been teaching yoga full-time since 2015, when I completed my 200 hours Vinyasa YTT at the Shala, Cape Town Yoga school, with Tamsin Sheehy and Mariah Betts.

I was introduced to Forrest Yoga by Lara Roux, a friend, and teacher, and I fell in love, so much so that I am in the process of completing the 300 hours of Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training, which I started in 2017. 

Forrest Yoga enabled me to bring a new depth to my practice and the classes I teach, integrating healing practices I learned and developed on my journey,  in the context of Yoga, in a way that is approachable for people of any belief system.

Yoga, with an element of Magick!


 The anatomy and physiology of the human body is the most tangible example of magic to me. The resilience and healing capabilities of our bodies are what inspire us to eventually explore other levels of healing. This is why I choose Yoga as the first approach to any healing practice.


​​I am a Reiki healer, with a twist, as I have been following shamanic practices from a young age across the spectrum of different cultures and traditions.

I study and read the Runes and serve Ceremonial Cacao.


Through Yoga, Meditation, Healing, and  Ceremony, my intention is to create and hold space for you and your journey home to yourself! 



  • 2015  200 hours RYS Vinyasa  Yoga Teacher Training at the Shala, Cape Town Yoga School

  • 2017 Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco , Yogalife, Cape Town ZA

  • 2020 Ceremony , Meditation , Mindfulness , Forrest Yoga CET with Jambo Truong

  • 2020 Empowered Empath, Forrest Yoga CET with Jambo Truong

  • 2020 Anatomy & Physiology , Forrest Yoga CET with Jambo Truong

  • 2020 Rewiring Trauma, CET with Jambo Truong, Jambo Dragon School.

  • 2020 Reiki level 2 , Jambo Dragon School.

  • 2021 Effective Coaching and Teaching, Forrest Yoga CET, with Jambo truong and Charlie Speller.

  • 2021 Reiki level 3, Jambo Dragon School.

  • 2021 Yoga Bodyworkers Training in MyoFascial Release Bodywork. Structural Anatomy and Forrest Yoga Self Care, with Jambo Truong and Brian Cambell.

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