The art of touch is a workshop for yoga teachers, bodyworkers, and all those who have an interest in hands-on adjustment and relaxation/release techniques.

Through understanding the body anatomically and how energy moves through it, we can ease the practitioners deeper into a pose or support him/her releasing tension.

The adjustments will cover mainly yoga asana or poses, yet the principles can apply to any bodywork.

The workshop will include a 30 minutes yoga practice to warm the body up, 75 minutes of hands-on adjustments through different groups of Asana, leading to Savasana and full-body relaxation. 

The last 15 minutes include a singing bowl relaxation to clear and reinvigorate the body.

There is not a specific massage technique we will work on, but rather a collection of experiences that Beatrice has learned from inspiring teachers and bodyworkers and her passion for hands-on adjustments.